Fjølrit is the Faroese Reproduction rights organization. The association represent rights holders of printed material – authors, translators, journalists, photographers, illustrators, composers and publishers.

Fjølrit is based on the extended collective licence system where the rights holders are represented through their organisations. The member associations represent about 500 individual rights holders.

On behalf of the members, Fjølrit conclude agreements with users of copyright protected works with educational institutions as well as with private and public businesses.

An agreement with us means that our customers easily and legally can copy text, sheet music and pictures for use in their work. At the same time, we make sure that the rightsholders of the works receive remuneration for the copies made.

The Faroese Ministry of Culture has approved Fjølrit as a management organisation that is authorised to conclude agreements regarding reproduction on behalf of both authors, writers and publishers.

Fjølrit is is an active member in the international copyright organizations IFRRO